Welcome to Compass & Spine.

We are a specialized advisory company working for our clients globally on all challenges of strategic and organizational direction as well as value based, sustainable leadership.

We strive to be the preferred advisor for a selected number of prestigious clients to whom we can devote our full attention, providing deep longstanding experience, intimate sector knowledge and clear insights. Our aim is to create exiting solutions and future value.

We work side by side with our clients, building lasting capabilities into our client’s teams, helping their organizations mobilize for change and sustainable growth.

Our Team

Alexander Hedderich

Alexander Hedderich is managing partner of Compass & Spine since 2015. He has 25 years of extensive experience in the rail and logistics industry.

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Kathrin Wieland

Kathrin Wieland is managing partner of Compass & Spine since 2015. She has 25 years of extensive experience in non-governmental organizations, consumer goods industry and consultancy.

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Our Impact

Our impact
  • We advise major international industry and service companies as well as public institutions and non-profits.
  • Our advisory services focus on our client’s most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, organization, people, governance, digital, MnA.
  • We bring deep functional expertise but are known for our holistic perspective.
  • We assume non-executive board roles.

Clients & Projects
Our portfolio

Our Principles


of an institution has many fathers. You need smart concepts and consistent execution. Markets and competition are important. Fortune does no harm, too. But we think that the motivation of acting people is the most crucial factor.


of people is often regarded as being subject to incentives (mostly money). But from our experience culture of an institution is much more important for the commitment of people.


is without any doubt dependent on origins and traditions of an organization. Also pride in the products plays a role. But we are convinced that leadership determines culture most – herein indeed lies one of the most important tasks of leadership.


of an institution is rightly defined by vision and strategy. But we believe that values leaders stand for are much more important for effectiveness.

The right Values

create basis for a sustainable success culture. We are convinced that integrity and transparency, consistency and reliability, appreciation and trust as well as courage are the elements of good leadership in the 21st century.


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